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About Our Hearing Science

About The Hearing Pill

The Hearing Pill® was developed and patented through the exemplary research facilities and staff of the United States Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California. The researchers and doctors who discovered this unique and safe product believed in its potential to promote hearing health and reduce the damage caused by loud noises. As a direct result of thousands of hours of research and millions of dollars invested by the Department of Defense, The Hearing Pill® was introduced to the market. The US government has invested millions of dollars in studying The Hearing Pill®’s active ingredient in order to advance our understanding and commercialization toward a product based on sound science.

We encourage you to examine the list of independent and peer-reviewed research on the active ingredient in The Hearing Pill®. Why is it so important to have your research “peer-reviewed”? Peer-review is an important scientific process by which the results of a research program are submitted for publication in respected research journals, such as The New England Journal of Medicine, Hearing Research and Nature, and are being reviewed by subject matter experts for comment, evaluation and approval.

You might find in the market other similar sounding products that have followed in the shadow of The Hearing Pill®. Our competitors combine multiple vitamins in a capsule, charge high prices and have little scientific validation on the success of their capsules by the scientific community. The Hearing Pill® is the most extensively studied product for hearing health. Our technology will stand the test of the most respected researchers and doctors.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

The Hearing Pill® has been formulated to:

Improve hearing health by providing essential nutrients necessary to protect and maintain the integrity of the inner hair cell synapse.
Enhance the natural defense mechanisms of the cochlea for the maintenance of optimum hearing.
Helps those wishing to ameliorate the effects of sensorineural hearing loss.
Support optimal inner ear health by promoting healthy neurotransmitter glutamate levels.